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William Pelham Bullivant (1858 - 26 March 1910) was a businessman and Conservative politician.[1][2][3]

Bullivant was the proprietor of a wire rope manufacturing business in Millwall, and a large employer in the area.[4] Nominated by the Conservatives to contest the first elections to the London County Council in January 1889, his prominence as an employer allowed him to win a seat in the largely working class Tower Hamlets (Poplar) electoral district.[4][5][6] He took his seat as a member of the Conservative-backed Moderate Party on the council, which formed the opposition group.[4] He held the seat for only a single three-year term, and was defeated by Will Crooks, a Labour-Progressive candidate in 1892.[7]

Bullivant stood unsuccessfully as Conservative parliamentary candidate at the 1895 and 1900 general elections.[8] He also failed to gain a seat on the London School Board in 1896.[9]

In April 1900 Bullivant was elected a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.[10]

Bullivant died at his country residence, "New Mills Court", Stroud, Gloucestershire in March 1910, aged 52.[11] He was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.[1]

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