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PostCode District E1
Borough London Borough of Tower Hamlets
OS Grid Reference

Whitechapel is a commercial district in East London largely based around Whitechapel Road and is part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


Designed by Charles Harrison Townsend, the Whitechapel Art Gallery opened in 1901 as one of the first publicly funded galleries for temporary exhibitions in London, and it has a long track record for education and outreach projects, focused on local people,[1] and played an important part in the history of post-war British art, several important exhibitions were held at the Whitechapel Gallery including This is Tomorrow in 1956, the first UK exhibition by Mark Rothko in 1961, and in 1964 The New Generation show which featured John Hoyland, Bridget Riley, David Hockney and Patrick Caulfield among others.[2][3][4][5]

The station was named "Commercial Road" had been proposed for the original Aldgate East station, which opened on 6 October 1884 as part of an eastern extension to the District Railway (now the District line),Clive's Underground Line Guides – District line

During the development phase of the Docklands Light Railway, three terminus options were proposed at the west end, at Tower Hill, Minories and Aldgate East. The Aldgate East option, envisaged a low-level connection with the underground that would have allowed DLR trains to run on tube tracks to a variety of central London destinations. However, it quickly became apparent that there was no capacity on the existing network for integrating the DLR into the Underground.[1]


Whitechapel is served by London Buses, including route 25, 15, 115, 135, 205 and 254 to Central London, and also routes 106 and D3 and night routes N15, N25, N205, N253, and N550.

The Wikipedia page is [6]. A walk in the area giving the Salvation Army links can be found at [7]

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