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This is a "sandbox" page to work on the organisation and population of lists of members of the Metropolitan Water Board.

Terms of office[]

Board First meeting Went out of office Chairman Vice chairman Notes
First 2 April 1903 1 June 1907 Richard Melvill Beachcroft (knighted 1904) John Glass
Second 7 June 1907 1 June 1910 Sir Richard Melvill Beachcroft (to 1908)
Edmund Broughton Barnard (from 1908)
Edmund Broughton Barnard (to 1908)
George Samuel Elliott (from 1908)
Third 3 June 1910 1 June 1913 Edmund Broughton Barnard County Borough of West Ham gained a second representative.
Fourth June 1913 1 June 1919 Edmund Broughton Barnard Term of office extended under the wartime Parliament and Local Elections Act 1916 and amending legislation.
Fifth June 1919 1 June 1922 Edmund Broughton Barnard (until 1910)
John Burgess-Preston Karslake (from 1920)
Frederick Lionel Dove
Sixth 1922 1 June 1925 Christopher George Musgrave
Seventh 12 June 1925 1 June 1928 Christopher George Musgrave, knighted 1926
Eighth 8 June 1928 1 June 1931 Sir William Henry Prescott Reginald William James
Ninth 1931 1 June 1934 Sir William Henry Prescott Reginald William James
Tenth 4 June 1934 1 June 1937 Sir William Henry Prescott Reginald William James
Eleventh 2 June 1937 1 June 1940 Sir William Henry Prescott Reginald William James
Twelfth 7 June 1940 1 June 1943 Henry Berry Cuthbert St Clair Collins First Labour Party chairman
Thirteenth 4 June 1943 1 June 1946 Henry Berry Cuthbert St Clair Collins
Fourteenth 7 June 1946 1 June 1949 Harold Henry Gibbons (died June 1948)
William Girling (from 1948)
Fifteenth 1949 1953 William Girling London's water supply, 1903-1953: a review of the work of the Metropolitan Water Board

Metropolitan Water Board (Term of Office) Order 1952, S.I. 1952 No. 757 "In 1952 a further Order was obtained which extended the term of office of the fifteenth Board from June, 1952 to November, 1953 and at the same time changed the date of appointment of members from June to November in every third year."

Sixteenth 1953 1956
Seventeenth 1956 1959 Increased to 88 members
Eighteenth 1959 1963
Nineteenth 1963 1965
Twentieth 1965 1968 Reorganised to reflect creation of Greater London Council and London Boroughs. 39 members.
Twenty-First 1968 1971
Twenty-Second 1971 1974

Essex representatives[]

Essex County Council:

  • 1903: Alderman Walker MP. Resigned
  • 1904-07, 1907-10, 1910 William Langman (resigned 1911)
  • 1911-13, 1913-19, 1919-22, 1922-25, 1925-28, 1928-29: Christopher George Musgrave (died in office 1929)
  • 1929 Alderman A Porter chosen to replace Musgrave in May 1929
  • 1929-31, 1931-34, 1934-37 Ernest Edward Alexander (MP for Leyton East 1922-23 and 1924-29) (died 29 September 1946: Still in office?) Member in 1945,


Nominating authorities Name
London County Council Sir Richard Melvill Beachcroft X
London County Council
London County Council
London County Council George Dew X
London County Council Frederick Lionel Dove X
London County Council Edward George Easton J M Fraser X
London County Council Earl of Haddo X
London County Council Stewart Duckworth Headlam X
London County Council Henry Vincent Rowe J C R Lyell X
London County Council Ellice Victor Sassoon John Morris Stone X Henry Hugh Tasker X
London County Council Henry St Leger Syrett X
London County Council William Whitaker Thompson
London County Council Henry Ward X
London County Council David Sydney Waterlow X
Common Council of the City of London Sir J J Baddeley
later J C R Lyell
Common Council of the City of London Josiah Gunton X
Westminster City Council George Washington Lawrence X
Westminster City Council Robert Woolley Walden X
Battersea Borough Council James Hyndman MacDonnell X
Bermondsey Borough Council Joseph Charles Plummer X
Bethnal Green Borough Council C E Fox X
Camberwell Borough Council Oscar McDonald Rowe
Chelsea Borough Council William Edward Gordon X
Deptford Borough Council Ernest George Simmonds X
Finsbury Borough Council Edward Henry Tripp X
Fulham Borough Council William Henry Terry X
Greenwich Borough Council
Hackney Borough Council Henry Joseph Mead X
Hammersmith Borough Council Arthur Atkinson X
Hampstead Borough Council James Patrick Ronaldson Lyell
Holborn Borough Council Charles Fitzroy Doll
Islington Borough Council Sir George Samuel Elliott, MP X
Kensington Borough Council John Vesey Vesey Fitzgerald X
Lambeth Borough Council J C Mitchell FCIS X
Lewisham Borough Council William Burrell
Paddington Borough Council John Burgess-Preston Karslake
Poplar Borough Council Frederick Joseph Sedgwick
St Marylebone Borough Council John Fettes X
St Pancras Borough Council Charles William Matthews X
Shoreditch Borough Council William Henry Girling X
Southwark Borough Council William Charles Williams
Stepney Borough Council James Daniel Kiley
Stoke Newington Borough Council John Glass
Wandsworth Borough Council John Lindsey
Woolwich Borough Council A J Walklin X
Kent County Council Alfred John Penney X
Bromley Borough Council and the Urban District Councils of Beckenham, Bexley, Chislehurst, Dartford,

Erith, Foots Cray and Penge.

Charles Edmund Baker
Hertfordshire County Council Edmund Broughton Barnard X
Middlesex County Council William Henry Prescott MP X
Ealing Borough Council and the Urban District Councils of Acton and Chiswick George Charles Farr
Urban District Councils of Hornsey Borough Council and Urban District Council of Wood Green. Rudolph Moritz X
Urban District Councils of Edmonton, Enfield and


David Weston
Tottenham Urban District Council Patrick Bernard Malone X
The Urban District Councils of Brentford, Hampton, Hampton Wick,

Hanwell, Heston & Isleworth, Sunbury and Teddington and Twickenham.

Mark Sydney Watmore
Later Alfred Henry Vanner
Willesden Urban District Council William Riley
Essex County Council Christopher George Musgrave X
West Ham Borough Council Henry Dyer
West Ham Borough Council William Ivey Edward William Wordley X
East Ham Borough Council John Brooks
Leyton Urban District Council T W Mitchell X later D M Smith X
Urban District Councils of Buckhurst Hill,

Chingford, Loughton, Waltham Holy Cross and Wansted & Woodford

R F F Hamlett X
Walthamstow Urban District Council J Lyne X
Surrey County Council
Kingston upon Thames Borough Council and Wimbledon Borough Council

the Urban District Councils of East & West Molesey, Esher & The Dittons,
Ham, Surbiton, Barnes and The Maldens & Coombe

Thames Conservancy Board Charles Gynningham Field X (three times Mayor of Reading)[1]
Lee Conservancy Board John Sheehan


This is a list of members of the thirteenth Metropolitan Water Board. The board held its first meeting on 4 June 1943 and went out of office on 1 June 1946.

Nominating authorities Name
London County Council Marquess of Aberdeen
London County Council Mark Auliff
London County Council Henry Berry
London County Council Barbara Betts (Barbara Castle on marriage in 1944)
London County Council Charles Brandon
London County Council Viscount Falmouth
London County Council Hugh Franklin
London County Council Archibald Albert McDonald Gordon
London County Council Lt.-Col. Sir George Handover OBE
London County Council Lady Eleanor Joan Clara Nathan
London County Council Walter Clifford Northcott
London County Council Albert Edward Samuels
London County Council John Thomas Scoulding
London County Council Edward Victor Watering[1]
Common Council of the City of London Captain George Sampson Elliston MP - knighted 1944
Common Council of the City of London Sir Frank Joseph Coleman Pollitzer
Westminster City Council Charles Pearce Russell
Westminster City Council Frank Gibbs Rye OBE
Battersea Borough Council E W Coles
Bermondsey Borough Council Charles Edward Philpot
Bethnal Green Borough Council A E Turpin
Camberwell Borough Council Cecil A G Manning
Chelsea Borough Council Charles Blackstone Clapcott OBE
Deptford Borough Council Ernest George Simmonds
Finsbury Borough Council Charles Henry Simmons
Fulham Borough Council H R Jones
Greenwich Borough Council Harold Henry Gibbons
Hackney Borough Council W Nichols
Hammersmith Borough Council Reginald James Buckingham
Hampstead Borough Council R J Cleaver
Holborn Borough Council Christian Doll
Islington Borough Council Laurence Rollit Webster
Kensington Borough Council Hubert William Fane
Lambeth Borough Council Edward Arthur Blow
Lewisham Borough Council Charles Holder
Paddington Borough Council Russell Earl
Poplar Borough Council John Thomas Wooster
St Marylebone Borough Council John Fettes
St Pancras Borough Council Sir David Davies
Shoreditch Borough Council William Henry Girling
Southwark Borough Council Thomas George Gibbings MBE
Stepney Borough Council Morris Harold Davis
Stoke Newington Borough Council J Newman Butler
Wandsworth Borough Council George Frederick Morris
Woolwich Borough Council Albert Gorman
Kent County Council Benjamin Andrew Glanvill
Bromley Borough Council and the Urban District Councils of Beckenham, Bexley, Chislehurst, Dartford,

Erith, Foots Cray and Penge.

Rev. Richard Burges
Hertfordshire County Council Captain Edward Thomas Morris
Middlesex County Council Sir William Henry Prescott Bt., CBE
Ealing, Acton and Brentford and Chiswick Borough Councils Edgar Charles Augustus Bliault
Boroughs of Hornsey Borough Council and Wood Green. William Josiah Grimshaw
Boroughs of Edmonton and Southgate, Enfield Urban District Council H F Wauthler
Tottenham Borough Council Robert Craigmyle Morrison MP
Boroughs of Twickenham and Heston & Isleworth and Sunbury Urban District Council Frederick Sard
Willesden Borough Council Percival Bond
Essex County Council Ernest Edward Alexander
West Ham Borough Council Cuthbert St Clair Collins
West Ham Borough Council F A Warner
East Ham Borough Council Charles William Brading
Leyton Borough Council D L Evans
Borough Councils of Chingford and Wansted & Woodford and Urban District Councils of Buckhurst Hill, Loughton,

Waltham Holy Cross

Francis George Booth[2]
Walthamstow Borough Council Valentine McEntee MP
Surrey County Council Frank Herbert Elliott
Borough Councils of Barnes, Kingston upon Thames, Maldens & Coombe, Surbiton and Wimbledon and the Urban District Council of Esher William Evelyn St Lawrence Finny
Thames Conservancy Board Captain Jocelyn Bray
Lee Conservancy Board James Henry Hollins MP


Mr James M Greenwood CBE JP, one of the representatives of the London County Council on the Metropolitan Water Board knighted in 1962 Birthday Honours. Institution of Water Engineers (1962). Water and Water Engineering, Volume 66. Fuel & Metallurgical Journals Limited. p. 76.  =James Mantle Greenwood

  1. London District Secretary of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers
  2. Mayor of Wanstead and Woodford 1945-47.