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Notes about Metropolitan Borough elections from 1900.


The first elections under the London Government Act 1899 took place in November 1900. The entire membership of the Borough Councils were elected: councillors from multi-member wards by the electorate on 1 November and aldermen in the ratio of one aldermen to every six councillors on the first meeting of the council on 9 November, when mayors were also elected.

Councillors had a three-year term of office while aldermen had six: half of the aldermen were to be chosen after each triennial election and lots were drawn to see which of them would retire in 1903 and which in 1906.

The Times noted "With few exceptions the contests have been conducted on party lines, the candidates mostly describing themselves as Conservatives or Unionists or Moderates or Progressives, though in certain districts the nominations included Independents, Socialists and Labour men."[1]

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