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Middlesex County Council

Number of councillors and aldermen, with notes.

  • 1889. 54 councillors and 18 aldermen. The first election was held in December 1888. Most electoral divisions were grouped so there was block (plurality at large) voting system in those areas and councillors were not representing a specific division. 18 aldermen were chosen and a ballot taken to see which would retire in 1892 and which in 1895.
  • At the next elections in 1892, 1895, 1898 the same 54 divisions were used (sometimes with slight boundary changes) and they were all single-member constituencies. 9 aldermen were chosen at the first meeting after each election with a six year term.
  • In 1900 the number of councillors was reduced to 52 due to the transfer of south Hornsey to the County of London. The county council asked the Local Government Board to add two more councillors to bring the number back up to 54 and this was done in May 1901 by the creation of new divisions in Hornsey and Willesden.
  • 1904. Increased to 59 councillors and 19 aldermen. The increase in number of councillors was done by redistribution and boundary changes in Edmonton, Hendon, Tottenham and Willesden and the creation of a new South Mimms Division. 10 aldermen were chosen at the 1904 meeting filling the 9 vacancies by rotation and a new seat. In 1907, 1910 and 1913 the same boundaries were used for electing councillors while 9 aldermen were chosen in 1907, 10 in 1910 and 9 in 1913. The 1916 election was not held due to the war and the council had the power to fill all casual vacancies until 1919.
  • 1925. Increased to 74 councillors and 24 aldermen Same numbers in 1928 and 1931.
  • 1934. Increased to 75 councillors and 25 aldermen.
  • 1937. Increased to 80 councillors and 25 aldermen.
  • 1940 elections not held due to war. The county council were given the power to fill vacancies by co-option until 1946.
  • 1946.
  • 1949. 90 councillors
  • 1952. Reduced to 87 councillors. 28 aldermen?
  • 1955. 87 councillors, but new boundaries. Same boundaries in 1958 and 1961? 1961 was last election prior to abolition.