Samuel Bewsher (1852-26 April 1915) was an educationalist and local politician active in the Hammersmith area.

Born in Stretford, near Manchester, he was secretary to the High Master of Manchester Grammar School, F W Walker. When Walker was appointed High Master of St Paul's School in 1876, Bewsher accompanied him to London as Bursar of St Paul's.

In 1881 Bewsher established his own preparatory school, "Bewsher's", in West Kensington. The school eventually became the preparatory department of St Paul's, and was renamed Colet Court in new premises in Hammersmith.

He was a member of Hammersmith Borough Council, and served two terms as Mayor of Hammersmith in 1907-08 and 1909-10.

He retired due to ill health to Bournemouth, on the south coast, where he died aged 64.