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Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs (19 November 1881 – 1 November 1955) was a colonial administrator and local politician.

Born in Suffolk he was the eldest son of the Reverend John Storrs, Vicar of St Peter's, Eaton Square. He was educated at Charterhouse and Cambridge where he studied Arabic. He entered the Egyptian Civil Service in 1904 and took up a post at the British Embassy in Cairo in 1909. During the First World War he worked in intelligence and helped T E Lawrence organise the Arab Revolt of 1916.

From 1917-20 he was Military Governor of Jerusalem and from 1920-26 Civil Governor of Jerusalem and Judea and was knighted in 1924. He was Governor of Cyprus from 1926-32, and Governor of Northern Rhodesia from 1932-34.

He returned to the United Kingdom and was elected to the London County Council as a Municipal Reform Party councillor representing Islington East. He resigned from the county council in May 1945.

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