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Poplar (East India Road) railway station was a railway station on the East India Dock Road in Poplar, London. It opened in 1850 and after 1865 was the southern passenger terminus of the North London Railway (NLR), although goods trains ran on to connect to the London and Blackwall Railway for the East India Docks or to the Millwall Extension Railway for the West India Docks.

The station may be referred to as "Poplar railway station" but the London & Blackwall Railway had a Poplar railway station on Brunswick Street, near the northern entrance of the Blackwall Tunnel. Neither station was on the site of the current Poplar DLR station.

Poplar (East India Road) closed permanently in 1944 when World War II bombing cut the NLR east of Dalston Junction. In the 1980s the Docklands Light Railway took over the Poplar-Bow line and All Saints Station was built on the site.

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