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This busy Notting Hill road connecting Bayswater with Notting Hill Gate has parking both sides, making it impossible for large vehicles to pass - a major issue as it has 4 busy bus routes passing along it (including a night bus)!

Location: (about 1 km from) near to Paddington, Westminster

Residents have included:

Buses! Photo by Martin Addison.

Pembridge Villas W11. Facing SW, at the junction of Chepstow Road. Photo by Danny Robinson.

1959 photo of Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill, looking NE, towards Westbourne Grove and Chepstow Road. The car is a Morris Oxford, while the bus behind is 1949 built London Transport bus RT2217 (reg. KGU 146), headed for Hammersmith on route 27 (Archway - Teddington). The bus appears to have remained in service until 1971, before being withdrawn and presumably scrapped.

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