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Wimbledon was a municipal borough in north east Surrey, forming part off the London conurbation. It was incorporated in 1905 as the the successor to Wimbledon Urban District. in 1965 it was abolished and merged into the London Borough of Merton.


Local government for the town of Wimbledon dated from 1866 when Wimbledon Local Board was formed to govern the district. Under the Local Government Act 1894 the area became Wimbledon Urban District, governed by an urban district council. The idea of incorporating Wimbledon as a borough was first raised at a meeting of Wimbledon Urban District Council in October 1898.[1] A public meeting in February of the following year overwhelmingly rejected the proposal.[2] In October 1903 the idea was revived as it was feared that Wimbledon was in danger of being absorbed by the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth, formed three years earlier and with a long boundary on two sides of the urban district.[3] In February 1904 the council voted to seek a poll of Wimbledon's ratepayers and attach this to a petition for incorporation.[4] The majority of ratepayers supported the proposal and the petition was submitted to the Privy Council on 18 April 1904.[5] An inquiry was held in the town in June 1904 and it was hoped that the town would be a borough before the next municipal elections on 1 November.[6] The draft charter was not approved until later in the month.[7] It took until 26 June 1905 for the final details of the charter to be agreed and the council designated 26 July as 'Charter Day'.<ref>Pall Mall Gazette, 27 June 1905.

A photograph of the arrival of the Charter Mayor [1], and of the incorporation ceremony [2]. Accession details of an account of the incorporation of the Borough here [3]

The first elections of the town council were held on 1 November 1905 with the council holding its first meeting where the mayor and aldermen were chosen on 9 November.


Know Your Borough (1951)

Know Your Borough, a film made by Wimbledon Corporation in 1951.

The Wikipedia page is [4]

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