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Richmond was a municipal borough in Surrey, England from 1890 to 1965.

Richmond, which was alternatively known as Sheen, was part of the large ancient parish of Kingston upon Thames. It functioned as a separate parish from an early time.

The borough was created in 1890 under a Royal Charter, covering the parish of Richmond St Mary Magdalene.

It was expanded in 1892 to cover the parishes of Kew, Petersham and part of Mortlake.

Under the Local Government Act 1894, the Mortlake parish was split, with the majority (1,554 acres) outside the borough becoming part of the Barnes Urban District and the rest (329 acres) within the borough, forming a new North Sheen parish.

In 1933 the borough took in most of Ham, which had previously been a separate urban district.

The borough was abolished in 1965, becoming part of the larger London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in Greater London.

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