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A metropolitan borough, in general terms is a type of local government district in England, and is a subdivision of a metropolitan county. For further details see the Wikipedia article at [1].

The term metropolitan borough was also used for administrative subdivisions of London between 1900 and 1965. They were created in 1900 under the London Government Act 1899, and replaced vestries as the subdivisions of the County of London. For a map see the Wikipedia article [2]

There was much discussion and negotiation 1899 over the way in which the vestries would be amalgamated, details of which can be found in The Times.

In 1965 with the replacement of the London County Council with the Greater London Council the Metropolitan Boroughs were abolished and amalgamated into larger Boroughs. A number of road signs with the old borough names survive. A number of the town halls have been converted to other uses.