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A component of the area covered by the London County Council: it was in existence between 1900 and 1965.

It was formed from the following parishes

  • St Anne Within the Liberty of Westminster (also called St Anne, Soho)
  • St Clement Danes
  • St George Hanover Square
  • St Martin in the Fields
  • St Mary le Strand
  • St Paul Covent Garden
  • Westminster St James (also called St James Piccadilly)
  • Westminster St Margaret and St John

And the extra parochial places of the Close of the Collegiate Church of St Peter (or Westminster Abbey), the Precinct of the Savoy and the Liberty of the Rolls. Prior to 1900 the area had been administered by five separate local bodies: the Vestry of St George Hanover Square, the Vestry of St Martin in the Fields, Strand District Board of Works, Westminster District Board of Works and the Vestry of Westminster St James. The Close of the Collegiate Church of St Peter had not been under the control of any local authority prior to 1900.

It was incorporated into the City of Westminster.

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