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This page is for listing any conventions and general categories.

Discussions on the talk page, please.

Spelling etc[]

British spelling is to be used. Page names should follow the Wikia and Wikipedia standard "Sentence case" - not "Title Case", which leads to duplication and/or fragmentation.

External linking[]

Lists of wikis and other websites on particular topics can be added (preferably linked). External links are welcome - but will be checked.

Wikipedia can be used/linked to. If copying more than a couple of words from it, please use {{Wikipedia}} to conform with Wikia licensing. If merely linking to it, you may use {{AlsoWP}}.

General editing[]

Bibliographical lists and lists of local notables and websites on particular topics etc can be added.

If a page is being developed/added to in stages, so note while in progress (but typos etc will be corrected, and 'after a reasonable time' will be presumed to be complete). You can simply add {{Construction}} at the top to alert readers and other editors.


Use the full name rather than the acronym and member/official etc.