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PostCode District E14
Borough London Borough of Tower Hamlets
OS Grid Reference

Limehouse is an area in East London, and is largely based around the northern bank of the River Thames opposite Rotherhithe in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is located in the E14 postcode.


Route 395 used to run between Burdett Road and Surrey Quays, partly replacing route P14 which was withdrawn, an unusual feature of the route was its use of the Rotherhithe Tunnel. The 395 route was withdrawn without replacement on 28 April 2006, due to high running costs and low passenger usage. By this time it was the only Transport for London bus route that still used mini-buses, which were necessary due to the tunnel's width restriction.

Sam Schmidt, a 24-year-old accounts manager from Limehouse was finally found to be a compatible match for a patient in a worldwide search after registering with a stem cell charity a year ago. He underwent the procedure at The London Clinic before the weekend to donate stem cells after being successfully matched with a blood cancer patient.[1]


A number of London Buses routes serve Limehouse, including routes 15, 115, 135, 277, D3, D6 and D7. Limehouse is further served by the London Night Bus network by routes N15, N277, N550 and N551.

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