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John Scurr (6 April 1876 – 10 July 1932), born John Rennie, was an English Labour Party politician and trade union official who served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Mile End from 1923 to 1931.

Scurr was born in Brisbane, Australia, the son of Louis James Rennie, an immigrant from London, but was adopted by his uncle, Captain John Scurr, and brought to London aged six months. He spent his life in Poplar in the East End, from which his family came, a lifelong supporter of left-wing and Labour causes.

Mayor of Poplar 1922-23.

Involved in the Poplar Rates Rebellion.

Labour Party Alderman of the London County Council 1925 – 1931 and also an MP.

See also Julia Scurr.

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