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Dr John Fletcher Little (1843 - 9 August 1914) was a surgeon and local politician active in the Marylebone area.

Born in County Tipperary, Ireland, he received his initial medical training in Dublin and practiced medicine in Liverpool and the United States before moving to London. He was awarded a MRCP diploma by the University of London in 1889, and established a practice at 32 Harley Street.

Little became a member of the Marylebone Vestry, and was also active in the Liberal Party, standing unsuccessfully as the party's candidate at Oxford at the 1895 general election.

In 1898 he stood for election to the London County Council as a Progressive Party candidate for Marylebone East.

He subsequently led a delegation of residents of Marylebone who met with the president of the Board of Trade in January 1900 to complain about the state of electric lighting in the parish.

His name was suggested as the Liberal candidate to contest Marylebone East at the 1900 general election, but he did not stand.

In November 1900 St. Marylebone Borough Council replaced the parish vestry, and Little stood for election to the council, but was unsuccessful. He was one of a number of candidates nominated by the "Non Political Union", "for the interests of Marylebone... not limited to the policy of either the Progressive or Moderate party".

At the elections to the London County Council in March 1901 he and Walter Leaf were elected as Independent councillors representing Marylebone East. Both county councillors lost their seats three years later to opponents in the Moderate Party.

At the second metropolitan borough council elections in November 1903 he was elected to St Marylebone council as one of a number of "non-political" councillors supporting the adoption by the borough council of powers to take over electric lighting in the borough. He was re-elected as an independent councillor in 1906.

In 1907 he attempted to regain his county council seat but came third to the two Municipal Reform Party candidates, as that party took control of the council in a landslide victory.

Little held a number of medical posts and at the time of his death was Medical Officer of Health for Harrow Urban District.