(Harold Walter) Seymour Howard (8 April 1886 - 15 April 1967) (known as Sir Seymour Howard, Baronet from 1955) was a stockbroker and politician.

City of LondonEdit

A senior partner in a stock broking firm he was also a member of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners and served as master of the company for 1947-48. He was an alderman of the City of London from 1945–60, Sheriff of the City of London for 1944 and Lord Mayor for 1954. He was the first Lord Mayor of London to make an official visit to Moscow. At the end of his mayoral term he was created Sir Seymour Howard, 1st Baronet, of Great Rissington in the County of Gloucester.


A personal friend of David Lloyd George, and with a home in Wiltshire, in 1930 Howard was chosen as the Liberal Party's candidate for the parliamentary seat of Chippenham in 1930. When the general election was held in the following year he failed to win the seat. With the split in the Liberals in the same year Howard joined the breakaway Liberal National faction which opposed the minority Labour Party government. By 1938 a National Government was in place with the support of the Liberal Nationals, and Howard was chosen to contest a by-election in Barnsley as a government supporter. He came in a poor second place with the Labour Party easily holding the seat.

The National Liberals began to become increasingly allied to the Conservative Party (eventually merging), and Howard was elected to the London County Council as a Conservative councillor representing the City of London in 1946. He served a single three-year term on the county council.

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