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Hanwell Urban District was a local government district in the County of Middlesex from 1894-1926.

The area comprised the civil parish of Hanwell. From 1885 to 1894 the area had been governed by a local board of nine members. Following an application to Middlesex County Council, the successor urban district council created by the Local Government Act 1894 had twelve members. The size of the council was subsequently increased and party politics introduced. The majority party was the Ratepayers' Protection Association with the Labour Party forming the opposition grouping.

Following a plebiscite of Hanwell's inhabitants the area was merged into the Municipal Borough of Ealing in 1926.

According to the census reports of 1901-21 the urban district had an area of 1067 statute acres and populations as follows:

  • 1901: 10,438
  • 1911: 19,129
  • 1921: 20,481

The motto of Hanwell Urban District Council was Nec Aspera Terrent (“Difficulties be Damned”) - the Chairman's chair was presented to Hanwell Lodge.