Evan Evans (8 November 1882 - 24 July 1965) was a Welsh-born businessman and local politician active in the St Pancras area.

Born in Cardiganshire, he moved to London aged 15 to work in a dairy in Marylebone owned by his cousin. He was a Welsh speaker and attended night classes in order to become fluent in English. Within five years he was in business on his own account, eventually owning a dairy, farm, hotel and a car sales business. His name lives on in Evan Evans Tours Limited, established in 1930.[1]

In 1922 he was elected to St Pancras Borough Council, and remained a member, as a councillor or alderman, until 1959. He served as Mayor of St Pancras from 1939-41. He was also a Municipal Reform Party member of the London County Council representing St Pancras South East from 1931-34. He was granted the freedom of the City of London in 1946.


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