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Chiswick Bridge
Carries A316 road
Maintained by -
Design Arch Bridge
Total Length 185 m
Clearance Below -
Opening Date 3 July 1933

Chiswick Bridge crosses the River Thames in London in a North-East to South-West direction.

It is on the A316 route, and joins the areas of Mortlake and North Sheen in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames on the South side, with Chiswick in the London Borough of Hounslow on the North side. There was no previous bridge on this site.

Design and construction[]

The bridge was designed by Herbert Baker and built by Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company; the engineer was Alfred Dryland.

This is a reinforced concrete arch bridge clad with 3400 tons of Portland stone. Its total length is 185m (607 ft), and its width is 21.3m (70 ft). It has 3 main spans over the river, plus 2 smaller side spans; clear span dimensions are: 18.59 m - 38.1m - 45.72 m - 38.1m - 18.59m (61 ft. - 125 ft. - 150 ft. - 125 ft. - 61 ft.).

The construction work started in September 1930 and was completed by 3 July 1933 when the bridge was opened by the Prince of Wales (who was later the uncrowned King Edward VIII).

Boat Race finish [2008 - Oxford Winners] at Chiswick Bridge viewed from the North (Middlesex) bank

University Boat Race[]

The finishing line of the Championship Course, used for the Boat Race and other rowing races, is 112 metres downstream of the bridge. It is marked by one of the two University Boat Race Stones, the other being 129 metres upstream of Putney Bridge.

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