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Brockley Lane railway station was a railway station in Brockley, London which was opened in 1872 on the Greenwich Park branch which was owned by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway. It was shut to passenger traffic in 1917 along with the rest of the Greenwich Park line, but remained in use as a goods station until its eventual closure in 1970.

It is adjacent to the still open Brockley Station, which is at a lower level on the London Bridge to Norwood Junction line that runs beneath the Greenwich Park line. While the former Brockley Lane station sits on an existing line which re-opened in 1929 to allow trains to run from Dartford to Victoria via a new link into Lewisham, there has been no official suggestion that this might re-open as an interchange station. The entrance to the old station was in use as a secondhand/bric-a-brac shop until it was destroyed by fire in 2004. Short sections of platforms are still visible at the lineside

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