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Founded: 1886

Nickname: Gunners

Ground: Emirates Stadium, Ashburton Grove

Colours: Red and White

Ground capacity: 60,000

League: Premiership

Line: Piccadilly Line

Station: Arsenal

Club Shop:

Telephone: +44 (0)20 77044000

Nearest Chippy: Arsenal Fish Bar (same as bellow)

Nearest Pub: The Gunners (Blackstock road)



Once leaving the station turn right into Aubert Park then left when you come to[Highbury Hill.

Then turn right when you come to Marineau Road then turn left into Drayton Park until you pass Drayton Park Station then turn right into Bryantwood. You are now entering Holloway. Turn right into Benwell Road then turn left in to Ashburton Groved and the Emirates Stadium.



Only season tickets at this time they are priced at;

In the corner: £2500

Behind the goal: £3250